Network cabling installation.

Enjoy a truly bespoke high-speed broadband solution by working with our certified engineers to build a Wi-Fi or cabled network from the ground up.

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Wi-Fi installation and network cabling services

This is an ideal option for businesses who want to ensure they have the best set up possible, as well as businesses who have specific requirements, challenges or problem areas.

We can support you whatever stage you’re at, from planning and installing Wi-Fi or cabling solutions to upgrading, maintaining and troubleshooting. Our knowledgeable team will work with you to install data cabling, connect access points and make sure you get the best broadband connection possible.

Better speeds

Cabled broadband solutions often achieve better speeds, especially in problem areas.

More security

Enjoy a more secure network that benefits from a full duplex system rather than half duplex.

Certified engineers

We use CNCI® (certified network cable installer) engineers. All cabling will be fully tested and can be certified if required.

Site surveys

Our Wi-Fi and data cabling services start with a thorough site survey. Depending on your preferences, this can be done in person or virtually.

In person site survey

We will visit you on site to measure the signal strength, assess problem areas, troubleshoot and develop a thorough plan for installing or improving your broadband solution.

Desktop site survey

We’ll produce a thorough plan for your broadband solution based on site plans. Though this isn’t as thorough as in person surveys, it’s generally an excellent starting point for more straightforward locations.

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Benefits of a professional network installation

There are many good reasons to use our knowledgeable professionals to install or manage your Wi-Fi or cabling network.

Build a personalised system

Whatever your issues, we can develop a solution to suit you. This can include mesh Wi-Fi installations, fitting access points or exploring alternative types of broadband. Whatever your circumstances, our team will find a solution that works.

Install professional software

Every business has different requirements. When you work with us to install your Wi-Fi or cabled network, we can set up appropriate specialist tools on your behalf, including guest Wi-Fi capabilities, password vouchers and payment gateways.

Address problem areas

We can work with you to address any signal blackspots, including managing areas where Wi-Fi is required outdoors.

Always have help on hand

We’ll be on hand to help throughout the process and beyond. You’ll be able to reach our dedicated customer service team directly, whenever you need us.

Can we help you to build the network and cabling solution you’re looking for?

If you’d like to talk to us about installing, upgrading or maintaining your network, please get in touch. Give us a call or contact us to find out how we could support you going forwards.